Friday, February 21, 2014

Great NY Times article about art collecting for non-millionaires

Collecting art is NOT all about million dollar sales and intimidating auction houses! I've been collecting art for years and it doesn't have to always be a crushing monetary investment, or by a "famous" artist, or a piece with complex meaning. My collection ranges from a vintage cocktail shaker to a Balinese carved figure to a signed Keith Haring print. This is a great article about alternatives and less wallet-crushing ways to collect, or start collecting:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

RIP Hudson from Feature Inc. Gallery in NYC

     Just got an email from Feature Inc gallery in NYC about the passing of owner/curator, Hudson. He was one of the few gallerists that still had his desk open to the public and greeted visitors to his gallery. He was cool and approachable. Hudson displayed an interesting variety of works and I chatted with him several times over the years and wrote about some of his shows on my Gallery Guy blog. On the artist side of the ledger, he was very encouraging about the series of drawings I did about censorship via adult mag images.
      Two years ago on the flight to Miami for Art Basel, I sat down next to a sleeping gentleman that I recognized. It was Hudson. An hour or so later he awoke, and we had a warm and spirited discussion about art, artists, and the art fairs.

Below is the In Memoriam piece posted on the Feature website:

Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunny Images for a Snowy Day

     Well, we got socked in the jaw by old man winter here in Jersey again. Presenting a few random sunny summer images of art to warm you up...

Debbie Miller - A Colorful Spot

George Bellows - Forty-Two Kids

Frank Benson - Summer

Gustav Klimt - Fishblood

Farrah Fawcett swimsuit poster

Keith Haring - Red Sea Dolphin Project

David Hockney - Sunbather

Vargas - Esquire magazine calendar

Vincent Van Gogh - Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun

Basil Gogos - The Hideous Sun Demon for Famous Monsters magazine #106 cover