Sunday, April 20, 2014

Last week! "Push It" at Art Now, NY

     I've had the pleasure of meeting Melissa McCaig-Welles many times over the years, first at her self-named gallery in Brooklyn and later at art fairs in Miami and New York. A good eye has she, leaning a bit towards the street/pop surreal side of things yet also showing works with a solid sense of design and composition as well as traditional painting skills.
     This show, "Push It," features 21 female artists from NY and California curated by Ms. McCaig-Welles. Mixed media, painting, and photography are the vehicles for the forty-two works in this show with an emphasis on urban or street art from ornate calligraphic messages to sketchbook work to full-on paintings to assemblages.
     There really is something here for everyone and it's the last week to catch it (hence the short post here, I want to get it up and out!) at Art Now, 548 W. 28th St, 2nd Flr, NY
    Artists:  AIKO, Alice Mizrachi, Alison Mosshart, Amanda Reily, Christina Neener, ELLE, GILF, INDIE 184, Katrina Del Mar, LADY PINK, Laura Mylott Manning, Maya Hayuk,
Mia Tyler, Monique Mantell, QUEEN ANDREA, SHERYO, Sophie Alexia de Lobtienere, Sofia Bachvarova, SWOON, Tracy Piper, and VEXTA

QUEEN ANDREA - "Hustle Hard"  4'x4'

SOFIA BACHAVAROVA - "Trepidation of One" 54x66"

SWOON - "#241 B Neenee" 21x24

SHERYO - "Up To No Good" 53x23"

MIA TYLER - "Door To Doom"  44x16.5"

ALISON MOSSHART - "MoreTom Waits"   10x13.5"