Thursday, May 18, 2017

At last! The debut of the video series "5 Minutes With The Gallery Guy" is here!

     I started this blog 9 years ago. I wasn't looking to be a critic, I wanted to share the excitement and enthusiasm I have for looking at original art.
     Years ago I owned a bar in Hoboken called Liquid Lounge, which also had an art gallery. In the beginning I wanted to remember my customers' names but I think I fried a synapse in doing so, and since then have a rough time with names; I knew people by their face or their drink as is common with many bartenders! There's so much referencing of names in  the fine art world, I needed a way to help me remember names of artists and galleries, so I figured writing about them would help. And here we are.
     I'm also not shy in front of a camera or mic, I've done some extra work on TV and film (a bucket list thing) and began to think about a video version of this blog. Many artist interviews are dull affairs of two talking heads unless there's a budget for inserting shots of work and photos etc. Also, we're all very aware of the short attention span of this generation (still reading?) so I decided to do 5 minute interviews, covering the basics and whetting the viewers' appetites to learn more about the artist. I also feel that people will watch 3 or 4 short interviews as opposed to one long one, particularly with artists they may not know. We plan to do some in odd locations or situations as well as in studios, and also to add some "B-roll" footage of the art during the interview. We have 2 in the can, and more on the planning board.
     Please take a look. You can become a follower and get notified when we post new interviews. Thanks for your support and please share!

Best - Joseph Borzotta