Friday, April 21, 2017

A late post about NY Armory show 2017

     So with all the busy stuff of life going on, I realized after scanning through older photos on the celly that I didn't post the ones from the NY Armory! Yikes! Without further ado and just a few notes, here are some photos I took.

     Some of my favorite pieces were at El Apartamento, a gallery from Havana, Cuba. At first glance, the Degradation Series by Diana Fonseca looked like abstract paintings. Upon closer inspection and with info by the gallery rep, I learned that they're actually made up from peeling paint from walls in Cuba, and reassembled into these pieces on canvas. Creative, surprising and gorgeous.

      This book piece, also by Fonseca, has this cutout filled with rice, meticulously placed into a pattern, a grid. Unreal patience and craftsmanship to put this together, right? Click on the image to get a larger view of it.

"Lampenfieber" by Luthor Hempel at Sies & Hoke, Dusseldorf

      Paintings on album covers by Mike & Doug Starn at Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden:

""Untitled 2004" by Chantal Joffe, oil on board at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago

Another piece by Chantal Joffe, saw her work at about 4 galleries

"Forms Derived From a Cube" by Sol Lewitt 1991
     Jeffrey Deitch had an eye-catching installation at his large booth, one of the most talked about (which he made sure to tell several people while I was there). A group exhibit, loud, pink, with paintings, sculpture, and an interesting mix of work. And fun!

There's JD on the right.
"Workplace" by John Currin - 2002

"And Everything Was True" by Chloe Wise - 2017

It was very interesting to see this rare piece by Giorgio Morandi, the Italian painter known for his still-lifes of bottles because, well, all I've ever seen of his work IS the bottles. Here is a cityscape of his done in 1954 in the same wan, almost monochromatic palette he uses in his bottle pieces.

Cotile di Via Fondazza

Forgive me if I have this wrong, but some notes were sloppy. I think these are by Howard Hodgkin @Alan Cristea (London)

     These 2 pieces are all about the Benjamins, dollah bill y'all, and at the Armory money talks.
I don't have the artist's name who did the first piece (a hit when posted on my Instagram account) and the lower one is "Money" by Mel Bochner, 96x65" at 2 Palms, NY

Friday, April 7, 2017

Damien Hirst's Venetian Shipwreck Show

     It's amazing what an artist can accomplish with money, backing, and fame. Damien Hirst can be a polarizing name in the artworld (the taxidermy work was really something, the spin art stuff was a joke, IMHO). The scale, creativity, craftsmanship, and audacity to come up with and execute the "Venetian Shipwreck Show" is all that and the link to this article has several photos to prove it. The Gallery Guy wishes he could see it in person!