Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Lucid Visions" at Panepinto Galleries

     The annual Jersey City Studio Tour is a swell event. Lots of enthusiasm, events, venues, and a buffet of styles (and quality) in a sprawling city with Wall Street edifices on the Hudson and creeping gentrification. Still, JC has its shady areas, hipster artsy folk, and pioneers who were there way before Starbucks.
Yun Sung Jang - "Jun,"  (84" x96") oil
     The Mrs., the boy and I did a quick run to a few spots in downtown and saw a fantastic show at Panepinto Galleries. "Lucid Visions" was curated by Diana Corvelle, Cara DeAngelis and Tun Myaing and features work by 23 NY Academy of Art alumni. The show features 32 pieces, mostly painting, as well as sculpture and drawings. Coming off the elevator one is greeted by a large oil portrait (84" x96"), "Jun," by Yun Sung Jang, an expressionless face staring right at each visitor. Mr. Jang also has a diminutive by comparison portrait (below) at 8"x11" inside the gallery.
Yun Sung Jang -"Pregnant Woman After Kathe Kollwitz"  (8"x11")

     Dreams and dreaming, not uncommon terrain in art, are central to the concept of this exhibit. "Lucid dreaming" is is a skill  in which a person can navigate or control the direction of their dream state. I'm friends with a medium from El Salvador who explained this technique to me years ago. Basically, by getting into a meditative/trance-like state and quieting one's mind, you begin to enter the dream state and with the right teacher and lots of practice, can begin to manipulate things. For example, if you're walking in the dream, you can control which direction you go, etc. These works attempt to "shift perception of what should be called a 'real' experience."

Wil Kurtz -"Henry"  (60x84x22") mixed media and newspaper


    In the center is a large sculpture of a horse by Will Kurtz, mixed media and newspaper. Saw a few fullscale horses at past art fairs and this charming nag (young? old? skinny? ill?) is covered with newspapers and headlines. The hay, mane, tail and eyelashes are made of shredded newspaper.

   An owl must be included in any show about dreams, and below is Tyler Vouros' "Barred Owl."

Tyler Vouros -"Barred Owl"  (35"x56") Charcoal and water

     Shangkai Kevin Yu's "A Winter Indoor" is oddly compelling and fitting for this show. A pretty simple image, but does a great job of getting the viewer to pause with a, "Wait, what??"

Shangkai Kevin Wu -"A Winter Indoor"  (42"x60") Oil and acrylic

Angela Gram -"The Herd"  (48"x60") Oil

   "The Herd" by Angela Gram is a beautifully rendered and oddly composed painting of nude
bodies and ibix-like horned critters.

Samuel Evensen -"Audience to a Birth"  (62"x72")

     From tight realism to a more chaotic, very loose style is Samuel Evensen's "Audience to a Birth", a rush of snippets of imagery - a nightmare? a substance fueled dream state?

Melanie Vote -"Found" (40"x20x20") Fiberglass resin and mixed media

Guno Park -"Olmec"  (11"x14") Ballpoint on paper

"Lucid Visions" is up through November 24, 2014. Contact Panepinto Galleries for hours at  Located at 371 Warren St, 4th Flr, Jersey City, NJ.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Great editorial from Hyperalleric

Cheers to Hyperallergic and writer Ric Kasini Kadour for this editorial, "I Don't Care About David Byrne Anymore!" It starts out taking it to Mr. Byrne for his commentary, but the best part (the most uplifting if you will) of this is when Mr. Kadour points out the other places and artists besides Chelsea dwellers. Yes, there's a whole wonderful world of art out there besides what gets the headlines!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Top 100 Most Collectible Living Artists (ArtNet)

Very interesting. Art Net has 2 lists, first is the top 100 total sales, second is top 100 individual sales.
NY, London, and Hong Kong are the hot spots auction house-wise, and list 1 has many Asian artists on it (many of the names I believe are Chinese). Maybe this is wealthy Asian collectors buying and selling to bolster the Asian art market (and their investments)?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Newark Museum lecture series on Asian collection

4 part lecture course being offered at Newark Museum:
Speaker: Annette Juliano, Professor of Art in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media at Rutgers-Newark.

Fee: $60 members; $75 non-members;
Individual lectures: $20
Pre-registration required
Call 973.596.6613 or visit the link here.

Deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Newark Museum’s Asian collection with this four-part series presented by Dr. Annette Juliano.

Join us for an introduction to the arts and culture of Asia beginning with a brief discussion of Islamic arts, the bridge between West and East, moving eastward from South Asia to the Far East. Gain insight into the sacred beliefs and values that shape pictorial imagery, sculptural form, architecture and objects of devotion. Discover the similarities and differences in the arts of these diverse cultures and explore cross-currents of religious and aesthetic influence. Religious and secular arts will be included such as Hagia Sophia, Sanchi, Ajanta, Mahaballipurim, Borobudor, Angkor Wat, Jokhang, Dunhuang, Sokkuram, Byodo-in, as well as related sculpture, paintings, and decorative arts.

October 28: Introduction: Visual Languages and Seeing the World

November 18: Manifestation of the Gods: Sacred Structures and Spaces: Temples, Mosques and Shrines

December 2: Manifestation of the Gods: Sculpture and Painting

December 16: Expressions of Power in the Material World: Walls, Gates, Palaces, and Cities