Friday, October 11, 2019

Kenny Schachter on KAWS and the current market

Kenny Schachter, who writes really interesting and witty "insider" looks at the art world, does so again in this article for Artnet. Interweaving KAWS, auctions, flippers, shady dealers and a not-so-happy look at the art market, Schachter highlights some tales of art sales w "infantilism" as to the rise of KAWS. Geez, 888 items at auction this year alone?? Suckahhhhs!

Although I agree w KS who casts a raised eyebrow at the KAWS KRAZE (to put it plainly, there are merits to some of his work, but the prices are ridiculous and alot of people are going to end up burned) I suppose looking at it as glass half full - those prices raise the sea and prices for everyone?? Eh, not really, just for KAWS and others who are the hot investment/flip flavor of the moment.

Full disclosure, if it raised MY prices and made me the flavor of the moment, I probably wouldn't be too upset.