Monday, August 19, 2013

1922 film of Lovis Corinth painting a city scene in Germany

     In 1997 I saw an exhibition of paintings by German artist, Lovis Corinth, at the Tate Museum in London. Two Coats of Paint website posted this short film of him painting a city scene from 1922.
     He excelled at self-portraits which he did quite a few of. His work is worth doing an internet search for and checking out.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Jean-Michel Basquiat died 25 years ago today

25 years ago today the art world suffered a huge loss when Jean-Michel Basquiat died at the age of 28. You read that right - only 28 years old.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gallery Hoppin': Stephen Haller, Jeff Bailey, Foxy Prod., Carter Burden, Winkleman

     Did some gallery hopping in Chelsea in the 27th Street area between 10th and 11th Avenues, cut short by a downpour. I was dropping off a piece for Beppo at Porter Contemporary Gallery (548 W. 28th Street) for their small works group show opening on August 1. Lots of group summer shows featuring quite a bit of abstract work and sculpture.

     Linda Stojak is at Stephen Haller Gallery (542 W. 26th Street) and her piece, "Figure 70," measures 60x72". Large, dreamy, painterly yet graphically composed images - captivating.

     Also at Haller are mixed media pieces by Nobu Fukui. Intricate and complex pop culture and historical figures (portraits) are collaged like in this piece, "At The Fair," 45x48".

"At The Fair" detail
     This last piece from this group show is a collage I really liked by Michael Alexis, "Epigram 89" (30x24"). Sometimes you don't have to wax eloquent or analyze a piece of art, you just dig it and want to share it.

Carter Burden Gallery (548 W. 28th St #534) hosts "On The Wall," gestural abstract works by 4 artists including these by Claire Boren.

     Another piece from Carter Burden Gallery below.

     Winkleman Gallery's "Send Me The JPEG" is quite the comment on modern society as it pertains to art viewing and buying. "In a recent survey by art industry analysts ArtTactic (conducted for art insurers Hiscox), contemporary art collectors reported that 64%  of them had made the decision to purchase an artwork from digital images before actually seeing the artwork in person." Wow.

     This "fantasy exhibit" was all monitors displaying the art. This show is more reality than fantasy, and one can easily imagine galleries that you walk into that are 100% digital in the not-too-distant (a cliche expression, I know) future.

Foxy Production (623 W. 27th Street) hosts "Minty" which had one of the few figurative paintings I saw on my brief pre-rain hop.
"Brunette" is by Nicholas Buffon, 43x34".

     Jeff Bailey Gallery (625 W. 27th Street) had abstractions that were more on the geometric side. This tiny piece by Erik Schoonebeek, "Untitled (D-9)" measures 5 1/4 x 7.625". Kudos to the gallery for hanging it on a small section of wall where it didn't get swallowed by the large pieces, though despite its scale would probably hold its own.

     "Mound #19" (below) by Louise Belcourt is a powerful piece full of graphic luscious colors.
Kind of reminds you of a cake painting by Wayne Thiebaud, doesn't it?

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Subway sketches from Juxtapoz Magazine

From Juxtapoz Magazine:
Chris Russell has spent the last four years drawing his fellow NYC subway riders in 8 pocket-sized accordion books in an arrangement reminiscent of traditional Chinese landscape paintings.

Take a look at them here: