Thursday, September 19, 2019

Whitney Biennial 2019 photos

The Whitney Biennial: some oohs and ahs, some boos and fahs.

It's always a mix of inspiration, what the f's, and feelings of admiration and sympathy for every biennial's curators. You know what they say about opinions, and the art world is full. This one is very heavy on socio-political commentary, I wouldn't be surprised if 75% of the work falls into those categories. But we're living in very charged times - Trump, immigration, gender issues, race, sexuality, 24 hr news, an upcoming election, climate concerns, the internet and privacy issues - all those issues surround us daily and feel impossible to escape from. For those looking to art as an escape, this is not the show for you, but the Biennial is not an "escape" show.

Here are some random photos from the exhibit which closes Sept 22nd. Hope you're enjoying the final weeks of summer!

View of my old home, Hoboken, from the Whitney