Friday, April 5, 2019

Great article on The Shed, Hudson Yards NYC

     Following is a link to a very interesting article on The Shed, the new mega -arts-billonaire-public etc etc structure at Hudson Yards in NY. This article mixes the skeptical cynicism that the author (and these days, MOST of us) has towards something like this. However, he gives props to artistic director and chief executive of The Shed, Alex Poots, for trying his best to keep it real.
     There is a cool time lapse animated video of the construction and application of the Shed, well worth watching. About half of the structure is glass and wheels and closes in on the other half, and is moved out for events ranging from concerts, large scale installation (uggh a hint of a large KAWS critter), and misc live events. I giggled at the chains coming down and then the acrobats appearing on them, kind of like Hellraiser meets Cirque de Soleil!
     Take a look, no doubt The Shed will be a big how much of that will actually cross the economic/social barriers that the powers that be promises it will, remain to be seen.

Watch the video in the link to see what the whole structure looks like.

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