Monday, July 23, 2018

Lower East Side Gallery Hop

     Been awhile since I did a Lower East Side (LES) gallery hop. Maybe doing it in the 90s in July wasn't the best idea, but the art more than made up for it. The gallery scene here seems to grow by leaps and bounds, and there were plenty of new places to scout. Memories of the old SoHo gallery scene flooded over me; tiny spaces where the minute you walk in you know what the gallery sitter is having/had for lunch. Tucked in between, below or above old-school businesses (like on Orchard St), spaces that haven't been touched by the developers gobbling up real estate and and replacing them with straight lines and updated everything.
     It's summer so there were the traditional group shows along with many solos, too. Here are some pics, enjoy!

Anna Glantz "Annunciation" 80x74 aat 1969 Gallery

Jessie Makinson "She-Dandies" 27x22  at Lyles and King

Matt Mignanelli "Nocturnes" at Denny Gallery

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Iman Raad "Untitled" 25x49" at FiloSofi Arts
Tania Marmolejo "Strange Skies" 20x20 at Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery

Wayne Adams "Sheep and Goat Hug It Out" NY Artists Equity 72x54"

Victor Rodriguez "Pink Phantom Lady"  78x58   Lyle O Reitzel Gallery

Nancy Sharer "Flat Goods" 15x32x17 at Derek Eller

Ryan Mrozowski "Untitled" 50x40 (x2) at Lyles and King

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