Wednesday, December 21, 2016

SCOPE Miami 2016 - lotsa pics!

     In art fair conversations about "Where've you been?," Scope is a bit polarizing. Maybe because it's more of a niche in terms of the artwork? In general, the majority of it is pop surrealism, street, and illustration. Up until 10-15 years ago, Illustration was a perjorative in the fine art world (FAW). Then Juxtapoz magazine came along (now outselling Art in America) and gave voice to artists ostracized by galleries especially the California hot rod, tattoo, punk etc art scene. Collectors began to take notice as did curators and gallery owners. "Low Brow" became high brow. The term Pop Surrealism took hold and made the work even more palatable to the FAW.

(Note: click on any image to see it larger)

Bernadette Despujols, "Love Is No Game" at TBD Projects, Venezuela

Mark Gagnon, Art Haas, NY

      Perhaps there are those in the FAW who see it is a fad, a passing fancy, or still regard the work as low brow and populist with little to no long term legs. Be that as it may, Scope was hopping, a large show that was very well attended and had brisk sales.

     I like Scope. It's fun, enthusiastic, and accessible to new collectors and those without deep pockets. Now here's the but...BUT, I wish the organizers would put a ban on Marilyn Monroe and James Dean images! OK, Marilyn made of cereal, or glitter, or morphed somehow - - enough! We've seen it a thousand times, kind of brings down the entire show because it smacks of mall art. Too picky? Maybe. I wonder if next year is going to be loaded with Trump imagery? I doubt it, the fairs are rarely edgy anymore. There'll probably be a Trump made of Fruit Loops, though.


Fidia Falaschetti, Fifty24mx Gallery, Mexico City

Brian Mashburn "The Great Conclavity" at Thinkspace Gallery, CA

Detail of Brian Mashburn's "The Great Conclavity" at Thinkspace Gallery, CA

Oliver Vernon "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" at Alexander-Chambers, Denver Colorado
Banjo/ Snic Barnes "Freija" at Alexander-Chambers, Denver Colorado

 Below is woven scarves and threadwork by Stephen Wilson at New Gallery of Modern Art, Charlotte NC. Second photo is detail of the piece.

Robert Mars at New Gallery of Modern Art, Charlotte NC

Rick Fields, graphite drawing at Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica CA

Daniel Jacob "Air Jordan 1" (center) at Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica CA

Matthew Laporta Emoji series at Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica CA
Asbury Park in the house! I own Palette Gallery there, and across the street is the long running great Parlor Gallery, presenting this installation by Porkchop.

Former Asbury Park resident, Knowledge Bennett, had this mashup of Mao and Trump,"8 Maos Trump Red" at Macaya Gallery, Miami:

Chuck Sperry prints "Semele" and "Daphne" at Spoke-Art, NY

Eelus, "When The Music's Over" at Spoke-Art, NY
 Had a nice chat with Stefan Gross about his manipulated plastic piece, "Salad" at Chiefs & Spirits from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

M&K Gwiazdarska "Lentil" at Monomoka Gallery, Wroclaw
      Haven Gallery once again had several pieces by Kukula.  "Lilya and Pussypus" 18x20x3.5.
Kukula had amazing frames on her pieces like this one.

Swoon was everywhere in Miami!Here at Chandran Gallery, San Francisco CA

Cintal Vidal "Blue Neighborhood" at Thinkspace Gallery

 Mea culpa, mea culpa, don't have notes on this piece but from the piece you can see it's a dollhouse titled "John Wayne Gacy Murder House" by Chris Roberts-Antieau. Second photo shows the unearthed bodies in the basement from the crime scene. Did I mention this is a doll house??

 Guns were very present in the fairs, more on that in another post:

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