Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Images from Scope and Pulse NY 2016

Rune Christensen "Modern Icon" Joseph Gross Gallery, NY

Zoe Byland "Sisters" (acrylic and airbrush), Haven Gallery, Northport NY

Brian Viveros, Thinkspace Gallery, CA

Lyle Owerko, "Boombox 5 and Cassettes" Joseph Gross Gallery, NY

Nelson DeLaNuez, "Mary's Little Cocktail" - Off The Wall Gallery, Houston TX

MIchael Gorman "Krist (Odd Man Out Series)" - Axiom Contemporary, NY

Holly Farrell, "Cars" - Clark Gallery, Lincoln, MASS.

Sam Tuffnell, "DAD_ANUS_TMI_JP_PC" -Castle Fitzjohns Gallery

Sergei Isupov - Ferrin Contemporary, MASS.

Galerie L'Inlassable, Paris

Mu Pan, "Orangutan" - Cially Paulsen Gallery, Denmark

Juan Travieso - Jenn Singer, NY

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