Friday, March 7, 2014


     Started off my NY Art Fair travels this year at VOLTA. As I thawed from the frigid outdoors and the last legs of this unending winter, a crowd gathered around a man blowing up paper bags and wrapping himself in a cocoon of them (Wilmer Wilson IV at Connersmith Gallery, DC).

     On the lookout for trends, I noticed a few. Painting is alive and well, thank you, and there was quite a bit of thick, impasto applications. Whether it was a round canvas slathered all in black or multiple colors swiped across a portrait, it popped up throughout the fair - - unlike photography of which there was little. Also, Asian artists (and/or artists of Asian descent) were well represented. I have no figures, but my impression was they made up about 40+% of the artists.
     Much of the work was representational, there was not alot in the way of abstract or conceptual work. However, the mediums in which work was created was very diverse! If you can get to the art fairs,  VOLTA is a definitely reco.

VOLTA is at 82 Mercer St between Spring and Broome
Note: Click on any image to view larger)

TIM KENT "The Lepidopterists's Daughter" 60x100" - Slag Gallery, Brooklyn

DANIELLE BUETTI  C-print, Hilgerbrotkunsthalle, Vienna

DANIELLE BUETTI  "Nike-Looking For Love" C-print, Hilgerbrotkunsthalle, Vienna

JIN CHOO CHAE at Julie Meneret Gallery. I reviewed this show in a post from Jan 29th.

MICHAEL CAINES cat and dog painting installation, Mulherin, Toronto
Detail of wallpaper created by MICHAEL CAINES for the installation

(artist/gallery unknown)

POSE "Angelina" - Jonathan Levine Gallery, NY

POSE "Rinse Repeat" - Jonathan Levine Gallery, NY

RYAN MARTIN - Mark Wolfe Contemporary, San Francisco
RYAN MARTIN - Mark Wolfe Contemporary, San Francisco

ALFRED STEINER - Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen

JOSH DORMAN, detail of "The Sorrows"- Ryan Lee Gallery, NY

These photo reproductions are actually pencil and watercolor on board.

TAKAHIRO YAMAMOTO - Gallery Kogure, Tokyo

TAKAHIRO YAMAMOTO - Gallery Kogure, Tokyo

Artist TAKAHIRO YAMAMOTO - Gallery Kogure, Tokyo

VYACHESLOV AKHUNOV "Red Party Line #1" - Laura Bulian Gallery (1974)

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