Monday, December 23, 2013

Yet another satirical look at the current art scene...

     On The Gallery Guy facebook page, I recently posted links to two editorials in Vice Magazine by Glen Coco, skewering the current art scene and Art Basel Miami. Well, here's another amusing piece in a similar vein about why the author would NOT go to Art Basel Miami!  Funny yet he does make some good points. Alot of the frustrations and negative feelings he (and Coco) point out are legit. However, I think there is so much going on in the art world, so much to assimilate in our daily lives these days, and so much of the "everything is great/everyone's a winner" mentality that we are in a period where everyone is trying to find their way, or a way, to process it all. I prefer to think that this is a fertile transition period where all this "stuff" is bubbling in a big pot and some wonderful things will emerge from all the banana boxes with spotlights, snapshot level photography and black square canvases.

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