Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last post of articles about 2013 Art Basel in Miami!

Here are the last few links I'm going to post. Most writers, including myself, look for trends in the art at these fairs, and the biggest trend I noted in the reporting of Art Basel is MONEY! An inordinate amount of articles focused on the highest prices and the blue chippers/big names. Since I couldn't attend I was looking forward to articles and photos of new, interesting, and or provocative work and found very little of it. However, if you have time to peruse all the links you'll find some in between endless mentions of Jeff Koons' giant egg. Oy.

From the Miami Herald:

OK, what's Miami Art Basel without all the parties? Here's Elle mag's take, photos of the beautiful people.

Art News has a few articles, including one that consists of photos of text based pieces (which there were alot of at the fairs).

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