Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10 Artworks for New Years Eve

     As a first-timer in the realm of fatherhood, any thoughts of New Year's Eve revelry take a back seat to 5 week old Rocco. Being a former bar owner, New Year's Eve was a highlight. The party of parties for the year, a night of coming together as a team for the staff to weather the onslaught, and a night to make some major bank.
     Now here in The Gallery Guy, I write and post photos of the work of other artists, not my own. However, indulge your humble author this time to post 10 images from a series of paintings and drawings I did years ago in my "Lounge Life" series.
     Have a Happy New Year, don't drink and drive, and fear not for me - the wifey and I will heartily clink a few glasses of champagne betwixt diaper changings.

"Grasshopper" 11x14 oil

"Ghost Bar, Palms Hotel, Las Vegas" 20x16 oil
"The 3 Graces of Vegas"  30x40 oil
"CBGB's, NYC" 11x14  Graphite on paper
"DJ @ Uncle Mings, NYC" - 18x24 oil

"Girl Dancing, Las Vegas" 11x14 Graphite on paper

"Red Square, Mandelay Bay, Las Vegas" 14x11 Grpahite on paper

"3AM" 16x20, oil

"Passionate Mimosa" 16x20, oil

"Angels Kiss" 16x20 oil

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