Monday, April 22, 2013

Kenny Scharf, 55, arrested

     Just saw this post on Facebook from the Hyperallergic site about Kenny Scharf's recent arrest. Recently caught his show at Paul Kasmin (that's where the photo in the article is from). Interesting piece about the contrast between his first arrest and this one. Some of his justifications for graffiti feels a bit thin, especially at his age and degree of success. I'm sure he's pretty well off at this point and has the ability to express himself anyway he desires. I don't think doing one of his squiggly characters on a wall is rebellious or interesting, it actually seems a bit pathetic. Maybe I'm just middle-aged and cranky. One part of me is like, "Wow! 55 and still doing his thing!" and another part of me is like, "Wow! 55, grow the fuck up."

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