Thursday, April 4, 2013

Elizabeth Peyton at Gavin Brown's Enterprise

     The cavernous space that is Gavin Brown's Enterprise seems to contrast with the  smallish portraits by Elizabeth Peyton. It was kind of perplexing, actually, to see 1 painting on an entire wall in one of the rooms. The works fare better in the other rooms, displayed with more of their brethren. What's up with the GBE website?? No statement, no info, no shots of  work. Odd.

     Peyton's works are paintings, drawings and etchings of musicians and friends. Almost all are posed reflecting the slacker generation, sitting, slouching, and looking off - disinterested? bored? watching TV or video games? Fill in the blanks.

     Her portraits are mostly made up of loose, brushy, drippy, washy strokes giving the bare bones of info about the sitter. But don't be fooled, there's alot more going on in these pieces than is readily apparent. Despite the lack of details and the "quick sketch" style, Peyton's marks are important. Some are crucial, and others aren't noticeable for their importance without some focused looking.

     Michael Stipe of the now defunct REM was there, ubiquitous at art events these days. Kind of amusing to see a rock star amidst the rock star portraits. They're cool time capsules. The androgynous music folks, the bearded hipsters, the art world people- all in her works, portraits of her times.

Elizabeth Peyton at Gavin Brown's Enterprise, 620 Greenwich St, NYC - 3/29-5/13/13

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