Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hope Gangloff at Susan Inglett

     There was an old website called Open Bar, I believe, that would send weekly emails about, you guessed it, open bars and happy hours. Nearly every email had a banner with a different sketch in black, red and blue pen or marker of hipsters or still-lifes of beer bottles, etc. Said hipsters were usually in mid-party or morning after partying, wonderful realistic, naturalistic poses with bottles, cigarettes, underwear, records, apartment furniture, bushy beards - 20/30 somethings doing their thing. Hope Gangloff was the artist, a veritable modern-day Toulouse Lautrec.

Andrei, 72x48, acrylic on canvas

Stahl, 36x48, acrylic on wood
     Not a one trick pony, she's also quite adept with the brush. From Feb 15-March 23 Gangloff has a series of large portrait paintings at Susan Inglett Gallery. Some portraits are posed, others are a snapshot catching a moment in time, a gesture, an attitude. These are time capsules and capture the Brooklyn hipster era as well as any photo.
     Gangloff likes intense color and her palette reflects that. Intense blues, reds, oranges, with rigorous brushwork. When viewing the original paintings, you can see the skin tones are made up of small brushstrokes of several colors. Looks like naples yellow light or something similar underneath giving a bit of a sallow appearance - these are city folk, not California beach goers.
     PBR, anyone?

Study of Olga Alexandrovskaya, 48x72, acrylic on canvas

Susan Inglett Gallery, 522 W. 24th St, NYC

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