Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fountain Art Fair- NY 2013

     The Fountain art fair is known for cool, offbeat locations - it used to be on a tugboat moored on the Hudson and for the past 2 years it's been at the larger (and warmer) Regiment Armory on Lex and 25th. True to its street/DIY/ funky roots, visitors were greeted by this large piece on the sidewalk.

Along the rafters were large pieces hung by Mighty Tanaka Gallery, which chose to keep its booth  attuned with the more "rendered" pieces and the more "street" pieces up top.  To the right is "Stage Diner" by Fedele Spadafora, oil on canvas. Owner Alex Emmaert presented other works making the cause for the New Romanticism movement afoot, describing it as well-rendered, often classically influenced styles of work that contain imagery (and sometimes text) that is apocalyptic, or highlighting corporate power, conspiracy, technology, and the struggle to retain humanity through it all. A society where intimacy and security have become the objects of a new longing.

Dacia Gallery featured a series of classically inspired works in gilt frames by Patricia Woodward.

This striking set of teacups were part of a series by Mary O-Reilly at Arch-Enemy Arts,
titled "Bottom Feeder."

One of a series of eye-catching street/graffitti influenced pieces by Raquel Echanique (below).

Converge Gallery presented a diverse booth of works, among them this large, hanging head sculpture  by Howard Tran. If you look in the ears, inside are videos, one showing the Asian healing method of cupping, the other of a child in a rice field. The head was constructed from potato sacks and is titled, "Hanh Trinh #1."

I got to Fountain as it opened and all seemed to be feeling the after-effects of the wild opening party from the prior evening, which I unfortunately missed due to the snow. I found head honcho Johnny Leo cleaning up some graffitti from the party inside an old school folding door pay phone booth. Gotta love someone in charge who is willing to get their hands dirty, much respect. Look for a future Gallery Guy post featuring an interview with Mr. Leo.

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