Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gallery Hop: Lehmann Maupin, Dodge, The Hole

Did some gallery hoppin' in the lower east village and lower east side in NYC.  Despite many galleries being closed on Tuesdays or for vacation, saw some interesting summer group shows. I love that tradition, it creates so many opportunities for artists to get their work seen and for galleries to  gamble on showing new artists and/or new work.

Lehmann Maupin Gallery (201 Chrystie St) presented "Friends With Benefits" curated by established artists and "supporting the richness of NY's interconnected art world." Put another way, it ain't what you know, it's WHO you know (I write with a wink and that's not a knock to the artists in the show by any means).

Derrick Adams "HEADS #14" 36x36" (right)
and "The Royale" (sculpture below)
David Antonio Cruz  (painting below right)

 Dodge Gallery (15 Rivington St) hosted two shows, one being a group show, "Size Matters" til August 10, 2012. The piece below is "National Gridlock" (63x68") by Michael Zelehoski.
In the rear and lower gallery are mixed media works by Jane Fox Hipple in "The Way of Things." A nod to abstract expressionism and color field yet differing with the use of sheetrock, Q-tips, etc.
The Hole up on 312 Bowery has another summer group show, "Portrait of a Generation" til August 10th. A rambling show of "over 100 artists who make up the art scene here will make portraits of each other to give image to a community of people." Below is a portrait of an old acquaintance, a fixture in lower east side history, Clayton Patterson. A photographer/documentarian and all-around cool guy, I met Clayton around 2004 when I owned the 12 Inch DJ Bar on Essex Street near his residence. He stopped in when I first opened to take a photo and say Hello. This portrait is by Erik Foss who also curates Fuse Gallery in the back of Lit at 93 Second Ave.

A wall shot of the many works in this show, and a sculpture from another show at The Hole.

Lastly, I swung by Mulherin Pollard in Freeman's Alley, but they weren't open. However, in NY and in many cities, the layers of stickers and flyers and graffiti sometimes become art unto themselves.

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