Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pierogi Gallery Summer Show

Checked out the Pierogi Gallery summer show in Brooklyn last week. Went to about 10 galleries - 3 closed for installation, 4 gone, 1 closing, and 2 open. Yikes!
In true Pierogi fashion, lots of drawing in the show. Two trends in most exhibited drawings over the past 2-3 years: lots of intricate "doodling" of small shapes and abstract organic and geo forms. Actually, they remind me of those Grateful Dead/weed/black light posters you could create and/or color that were popular in the 70s. However, some of these are sophisticated and exhibit a sense of intricacy, dialogue, and an amazing amount of patience. Left is a large piece by (don't have the artist's name) done on pieces of paper, a well orchestrated mix of abstract and representational.

The other trend is the deconstructed cityscape, or exploding scape, or post apocalyptical scape. I've seen many samples of work like this from pen and ink sketchbook pieces to whole room installations. When one sees these common threads, the question arises as to why? Are these reflections of a common sociological fear? desire for destruction? Coincidentally (or not) the piece below is titled "Fear and Hope" by Johan Nobell.

The entire show wasn't abstract geo renderings. There were text-based, cartoony, and realistic pieces as well. This exhibit is up until 7/26. Pierogi Galery, 177 North 9th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 Tel. 718 599 2144

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