Friday, July 10, 2009

"LOVE" art opening in Brooklyn

I have a large drawing ("Couple", below) in a group show titled "LOVE"!
Should be a great opening, and you are invited!
JULY 17th 2009 ~ 7pm
@ SpreadArtGallery
E. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. ~ 104 Meserole St.

Here's the official lowdown: This summer, Love comes to Brooklyn. Over a dozen artists from New York and around the country will be submitting to and attending the premier Love show hosted by the Spread Gallery art + performance space in E. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The show will exhibit a generational cross-section of celebrated working artists and designers through their reflections on love. Love as a force of good, a force of malice, force of height, of hate, a force of God, creation, destruction, oppresion, and the many experiential et ceteras.

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